Fire Fighters & Bunks

How strong are our bunks?

We are often asked about weight restrictions on our KC Furniture beds and bunks, and whether or not they are able to sleep adults.
We know our bunks are incredibly strong and the guys in the Factory had initially tested them with 2 adults on the top bunk. An actual weight restriction was something we didn’t have so we put it to our customers and asked “how would you recommend we test the KC Furniture Bunk is strong enough for adults to sleep on?”
Final result was “put a couple of fire fighters on it and see how it goes”.
We rang our local Huntly Volunteer Fire Service and they were happy to help.
One by one they climbed up the ladder to the top bunk until there were 6 (how many? Yes 6) At that stage one of the Firemen came over and gave the bunk a good shake, didn’t move or wiggle at all.
With no room left on the top bunk and many more Firemen keen to be part of the test it was decided that 3 more could be part of the photo shoot by huddling onto the bottom bunk. Well done guys.
Initial suggestion was “put a couple of fire fighters on it and see how it goes”.
End result due to space restrictions not weight –  9 x Fire Fighters.
Great result

To thank our Volunteer Firemen for being part of this test we are currently raffling the Bunk used in the test.

100% of the proceeds will go to the Huntly Volunteer Fire Service.
Tickets are $10 each and can be purchased by calling into KC Furniture Showroom 424 Great South Rd Huntly or by emailing
Winner will have to cover cost of delivery or you can pick up from KC Furniture Showroom

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