At KC Furniture custom made furniture is exactly that, we design the entire piece of furniture to your specifications. We have a large stock of timber to choose from or we can use your own timber for a truley personal piece of furniture.


1April Photoshoot-173. Customer Needs

What do you require? Storage, tables, seating, beds or more?




April Photoshoot-2162. Ideas & Options

Once we know what you are looking for we will show you some options from our floor stock or photo gallery. We can show you different options available, for example drawer runners/ball bearing is standard and can be upgraded to soft close or push to open, side mounted or concealed. Hinge options include standard grass lock hinges, push to open or soft close.



April Photoshoot-2363. Design Concept

We now have an idea of the cabinet or piece of furniture that you are looking for and can start to develop a design concept. At this part in the process we help you decide on the smaller deatails, if for example you are wanting a chest of drawers there are a few ways of designing the drawer layout such as drawers set into the sides of the cabinet or drawers set over the sides of the cabinet etc. We now know the main design layout and type of hardware used.




April Photoshoot-2304. Materials and Finishes

Now comes the stage where you choose the materials and finish for your furniture. We stock a range of timber including Swamp Kauri, Rimu, Matai and Macrocarpa. We also have a small range of unique slabs for a very unique piece. If you have timber stored we can also use this which will make your furniture even more personal to you. We also have contacts to source additional rare native and exotic timbers from. The finishing options include Rustic look where we will leave characteristics in the timber such as saw marks, nail holes, worn edges etc. We still put a lot of effort into sanding the timber to leave a smooth finish that doesn’t trap dust or catch on clothes etc. You may also choose a machine finish where the timber is machined to get a smooth even finish, this finish brings out the characteristics of the timbers natural grains. With Kauri and Totara you really get to see the lustre  of the timber. Rimu brings out the amazing grain and Macrocarpa you see all the colourings and compressions in the grain.

April Photoshoot-2405. Coatings

All spraying and oiling is done on site, we really are a one-stop shop. There are a number of coating options, our MDF products are finished with a two pot acid catalyst coating system for colours, and our clear lacquer is a single pot system. We also offer a polyester finish for a high build high gloss finish (amazing on slabs). Oil options include finishing oil which involves putting a clear lacquer over top for added protection or using tung oil for both furniture and our chopping boards.  Tung oil is considered king of all natural oils making it food safe as well as having exceptional water proofing qualities.


April Photoshoot-2466. Special Features

Now that we know pretty much everything you are looking for it’s time to add any special features you would like to incorporate into your furniture. Whether it be a special item layed into the top of a cabinet or table or the use of a particular joining method. We will endeavor to meet your needs.


April Photoshoot-192

7. Production & Delivery

The production period will vary depending on the furniture required, current work load and availability of particular timbers you may require us to source. The usual production period will be between 2 to 4 weeks. When your furniture is complete you are welcome to pick it up, has us deliver it locally or we can arrange delivery by a furniture delivery company.