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KC Industries was started by Kees and Carol Huisman in 1986 as a small home industry. As their two boys started at the local play centre, certain pieces of equipment were missing or broken, so they offered to fix or make anything that was needed, and so that’s how it all began.


Not long after we bought the Inter Log trade mark along with its machinery we started making wine racks and used the timber off cuts to make toysure. Carol would take the toys to various weekend markets, and it was not long before retailers started to order in bulk. Before long we had out grown the workshop, and a factory was built to accommodate the extra machinery and storage space we needed. In 2001, we again outgrew that space and built our present factory and retail shop to accommodate our growing business. By this time we were making baby cots and kids beds, since then things have evolved to where we are today, making much more customised products using native and exotic timbers.


Over the years we have been very fortunate in that both of our sons have been willing to help out and where possible work for us. It has now reached the stage where our youngest son Kris and his wife Chantelle have taken a share in the business and with their initials being K and C, KC Industries will continue with the next generation.

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